About Us


Sassy Greetings began as Lola Design, and now it's finally ready to stand on its own. 

Why greeting cards? Why now?

Well, it all started back in Timmins, Ontario, sometime in the 80's. And it started with my best friend, "R."

R. and I had been best friends for a little over 2 years. We’d seen each other through bad perms. And we’d traveled to England together.

But then my family had to move. We didn’t want our friendship to end, so we stayed in touch through snail mail. 

Next thing I knew, 25 years had passed and we both had husbands and mortgages. And a beautiful friendship that's lasted decades.

So here’s my point: this friendship is exactly why the greeting cards began. Because as the years passed, friendship and connection became extremely important to me. It’s what I’m good at. But I also love typography. And being a graphic designer led me to eventually (well, it took a really long time) figure out that friendship and connecting through printed cards are my thing. The cards are just the tool I use to connect.

My hope in creating these cards is that despite the time and distance, women will want to reconnect with their friends. 

My female friends have got me through storms and have brought tremendous joy into my life. I want other women to remember their friends, their youth, the shared experiences. Most of all, I want them to LAUGH. And reminisce about the good old days.

And that’s why I've created these greeting cards, as a tool to connect.